All it takes is one snide comment, look, or action to send someone over the deep end. Other people have an entirely different reality from you, and you don't know what they are feeling that day. You could save a person's life by choosing softness. So be kind, always. Even if you are frustrated and feel you've been wronged, acting on it will only deepen the chasm of understanding between you and others. If you must express your emotions, do so gently.

Seek where love exists by finding where their sting hurt you. When you live with a purity of heart through love, no poison can penetrate your boundaries. Negativity ceases when we offer to love what we fear the most.

When your heart grows cold and hurt with the sting of other's words and actions, seek out where love exists. Those who lack love and compassion for others are those which need it most.

When your passion and love are enough, you can do anything you put your mind to. Obstacles don't exist in the mind of one who empowers themself.

You are the path. Everything else are only tools. Tools which inspire you, or tools which distract you. What may be one person's compass, may be another's anchor and vice versa.

Pity is felt for what we do not have, have not experienced, cannot understand. Compassion exceeds pity. Compassion is a form of love that lifts us up without hold or limitation. Compassion is given to others once we have given it to ourselves. Compassion sets us free from our past, and liberates others from a place of giving. Compassion equates to forgiveness.

Authenticity is love then the reward of action. Inauthenticity is action then the award of love.

Observation is about the action. Judgment is about the self in relation to that action. Perception is our own personal understanding of an action.

By giving love to someone filled with fear, hate, and anger, you kill them inside. You kill that part of them, and from that same part, their earliest awakening of love, will bloom.

When your ego starts to rebel in sadness, fear, or anger, tell it that you love it, and you will never abandon it. Say, in fact, that you are raising it into a new light. Let it exhibit both it's existence and nonexistence.

Sometimes, our set-and-stone idea of what we want our painting to look like is what blocks us from creating it. Paint too, has it's path. We must notice how the paint moves and flows, and befriend it so that it may show us the way.

Accuracy helps with belief. See how you can tie your experiences and knowledge to what you believe, or would like to believe better, and bridge the gap between your reality and beliefs.

Evaluate your life carefully. If the method you are using to paint a picture isn't creating your individual masterpiece, then stop the method. Know that this isn't your path, and search for a better method.

If a thousand paintings can be created by a single paintbrush, a thousand goods can be done by one person.

It is your own belief in the limitations that prevents you from the limitless.

Isn't it wonderful that the same brush with which you make a mistake, you can use to correct it?

Darkness, fear, and what we perceive to be evil is really just a void. Think of a dark room. A fear develops from inside us of this darkness. Our thoughts of what is there become real to us. In reality, this room is just dark. When we let the light in, our fears vanish, and we see the clarity and understanding of all that surrounds us.

The goal is not to be perfect, the goal in art is to form a bond so close, so intimate, with your creation, that you can hear it's heartbeat.

Knowledge is not necessary to have a good heart. There is no requirement. However, it is only the lack of knowledge which leads to the greatest ignorance.

Tradition formed from positive intention is a human invention, a tool, that helps to put us in touch with the nature of who we are.