Animated Work

Accompanying my career aspiration as a writer and illustrator, I have always retained my appreciation for all aspects of a visually adapting written work. There is something immersive about animation that is impossible to convey in a paper book. For this reason, I am constantly expanding my reach into all aspects of film work whether it's animation, music composition, or acting.

Jump and Run (Blue Line Cleanup)

Animation of a character jumping using the stretch-and-squash technique, and running off screen.

Headturn and Expression Transition (Rough)

Hand-drawn animation of character turning their head with an expression transition.

Hops and Headturn (Detailed Rough)

Animation of a character hopping across stones, then looking off screen.

Hops and Headturn (Color Test)

Partially colored animation of a character hopping across stones, then looking off screen.


"Balance" is an animation short completed in watercolor that depicts ancient Chinese Bone Oracle hieroglyphics transforming into their corresponding modern characters. A poem and music piece I have written accompany the animation. This work draws inspiration from the philosophy of Yin and Yang to evoke a sense of balance and interdependence as the two figures dance harmoniously.

All editing, audio, and animation completed by Sky Gelbron.